Forthcoming Reviews

I am juggling reading several books at the moment, all of which I will be reviewing in the next two weeks. Here’s what you can look forward to coming up at Reformed Reviews:

  • Executing the Rosenburgs: Death and Diplomacy in a Cold War World. By Lori Clune. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. 280pp. ISBN 9780190265885 $29.95 (hardcover).
  • Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization. By Os Guinness. Downer’s Grove, Ill.: IVP Books, 2016. 224pp. ISBN 9780830844654 $20.00 (hardcover).
  • Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate. By Michelle Lee-Barnewall. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic & Brazos Press, 2016. 240pp. ISBN 9780801039577 $22.99 (paper).
  • So Pastor, What’s Your Point? By Dennis J. Prutow. Philadelphia: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, 2010. 418pp. ISBN 9780981553054. Price Unknown (hardback).

This last work, So Pastor, What’s Your Point? will be the subject of a two-part review that I hope pastors and seminarians will find helpful and that I’m really looking forward to posting!


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